A Picture of the hilltop Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN

Audio Recordings on Spirituality & Life

by Don Oakley

An introductory talk on the nature of mind and practices which can give us a little breathing room from the limited "little me." It's actually not consciousness that evolves. Consciousness is already as it is; it is already magnificent and it can't be improved upon. What can be transformed, however,  is our human tendencies to obscure the ever-present with opinions, beliefs, fears, judgments, shames, blames, guilts, etc. A lightly edited transcript of this talk is here.

This talk explores the territory  of spacious awareness and the discovery of our own True Nature as consciousness. This is not the end of the road. This discovery is the end of one journey (seeking) and the beginning of true spiritual life (as spirit enlivening this human form). However, this journey after awakening is still fraught with challenges and the very real possibility of delusion, as strange as that may sound. A lightly edited transcript of this talk is here.

This is a 30 minute Introduction to the five session series presented at The Meaningful Life Center in Knoxville, Tennessee in January and February 2018.