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Don Oakley

Photo of Don Oakley, author of "It's Time to Wake Up Now: The Top Ten Myths That Can Hijack Spritual Awakening

Don Oakley is the Founding Director and President of Well Being Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which owns and operates the Well Being Retreat Center on 160 acres in northeast Tennessee.

Well Being Retreat Center is a non-denominational, independent facility whose Mission is "To promote harmony with Nature, wellness of body and peace of mind."

In service to this mission, Well Being Retreat Center holds meditation retreats, hosts wellness workshops, supports environmental and recreational efforts on the Powell River, farms organically, serves delicious wholesome food, and invites a deeper connection with nature.

Don's first book is "It's Time to Wake Up Now: The Top Ten Myths That Can Hijack Spiritual Awakening" is a Five Star rated book on Amazon.

Don has talks on various spiritual topics on his YouTube.Channel.

About Don Oakley


Don Oakley won the New England High School Swimming Championship in the 100-yard butterfly; dropped out of Princeton University five months before graduating; traveled overland across Asia when Muslims still liked Americans; hitch-hiked through Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji; paddled 600 miles down the Kazan River to the Arctic Circle; studied architecture in Boston; spent three years at an ashram in India; consulted as a licensed Civil Engineer and built affordable houses in Oregon; and worked as a full-time volunteer for Adyashanti’s Open Gate Sangha organization for two years and now serves as one of its Directors. Don and his lovely wife Patty Bottari are Directors, full-time on-site managers, and chief potwashers of the Well Being Retreat Center in northeast Tennessee surrounded by the scenic Powell River in the middle of Heaven. (West Virginia, by comparison, is Almost Heaven.)

About "The Top Ten Myths"


"Many people believe that awakening is a path of more: more knowledge, more effort, more dogmas, more good deeds, more meditation, more ritual, etc. If you want a lifelong hobby, a nicely polished spiritualized identity, the comfort of certainty, and the companionship of fellow believers, there are plenty of suitable books out there. This is not one of them.

However, if your intent is to wake up spiritually, then this book might just save you years of looking for Enlightenment where it cannot be found. This book is your tool to dispel the Top Ten spiritual myths leaving you grace-prone to awaken."

"If you are pursuing enlightenment for your own aggrandizement, you will be either deluded or disappointed. It’s not what you gain; it’s what you lose. Truth is already present. It is obscured only by your belief in what is not true. And all beliefs are false. Be foolhardy and dare to step naked into the unknown domain of your own existence."

What Other People Say About Top "Ten Myths"

A. Karkowski says, "Don has an excellent way of helping the reader move past any old thinking patterns and jump start your beginning to a spiritual and enlightened life. Great book!"

Joan writes, "I read this book cover to cover twice. I love it. It says everything I could not put into words and rings so true for me. No dogma, no requiring faith or belief, just truth!"

"Having just completed this book, I thoroughly recommend it to all spiritual seekers and to anyone who has a genuine curiosity about their True Nature. Don Oakley uncompromisingly breaks through many of the barriers to true spiritual living, by holding our most cherished beliefs up to the light of our innate wisdom. The writing is very clear, straightforward and pleasant to read, as well as being imbued with humour and wit throughout. 'It's Time to Wake Up Now' is a wonderful gift to the spiritual literature of our time. Enjoy it!"

"This is a fun spiritual read. Don is light-hearted, insightful and proposing the types of practicality that are so useful for the spiritual arena."

Don Leads Weekend Retreats at Well Being Retreat Center

In addition to hosting a wide variety of spiritual and wellness groups at Well Being Retreat Center, Don and Patty lead weekend (mostly silent) meditation retreats about ten weekends each year. There is no charge for these events except that we ask everyone to bring and prepare one meal for the group attending that weekend and we invite a tax-deductible donation to the Foundation.


The retreats begin with Friday supper and end with Sunday lunch. Don provides an introductory talk and a guided meditation on Friday evening. On Saturday morning Don will present a themed topic and there will be an opportunity for structured sharing Sunday morning. Depending on those attending, there may be a gentle movement session. The weekend will be in silence except for Saturday afternoon to enhance the experience of looking within. These retreats are non-denominational experiential investigations into our True Nature.


For a schedule of upcoming retreats at Well Being Retreat Center, click here.