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Don's Teaching Events

Don is currently leading weekend spiritual and meditation retreats at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, Tennessee about 90 minutes north of Knoxville. 

In addition to hosting a wide variety of spiritual and wellness groups at Well Being Retreat Center, Don leads weekend spiritual and meditation retreats every month.. 

These weekend retreats of spiritual inquiry and meditation generally begin late Friday afternoon and end with after lunch on Sunday. Don gives an introductory talk on nondual spiritual exploration on Friday evening. Then, Saturday morning, Don will lead a guided meditation and will present a discourse on some aspect of spiritual awakening. Several silent meditations will be scheduled throughout the day to support one's own spiritual inquiry. In the afternoon, there will be an extended period for Q&A to explore questions of a spiritual nature. Sunday morning will be a time for any remaining questions about spiritual awakening and a final silent meditation and and opportunity for sharing your experience after a weekend of deep spiritual inquiry..

These retreats are non-denominational experiential investigations into our True Nature.

Schedule of Don Oakley's Upcoming Spiritual and Meditation Retreats 

June 18, 2024 at 6:30 - 7:30 pm EDT: An Evening with Don Oakley Online - Topic: "What's the Difference Between Growing Up and Waking Up?"

                             (These Zoom sessions are now on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month)

"Growing up and waking up are different. Growing up will get you a better job, enhance your respectability, and generally increase your comfort level in life. Waking up may cause you to choose a different job, have your respectability questioned, but be contented about it. You can have one without the other, or both, or neither. However, if you happen to be a grown-up and do wake up, you will be more likely to express your awakeness for the benefit of others.”

July 12 - 14, 2024: A Weekend in-person spiritual and meditation retreat: "Claim Your Inheritance"

 at Well Being Retreat Center in Tazewell, TN with Don Oakley and Patty Bottari

"If a long lost aunt gave you a million dollars in her will, but you didn't know of her gift, it wouldn't do you much good. Your True Nature is like that. The gift has already been given, but we may not be aware of it. It is good news indeed that we don't have to earn the gift or be worthy of it. We simply need to recognize the gift that has already been given. The tricky part is that it's hard to recognize something if we are looking in the wrong direction. This weekend will be devoted to recognizing your inheritance."

NOTE: More of Don's spiritual and meditation retreats will be listed as we approach the dates 

Location of Well Being Retreat Center
557 Narrows Road, Tazewell, TN  37879
Location of The Meaningful Life Center
116 Carr Street, Knoxville, TN 37919
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